CosMED holds the three original technologies for the TTS development, polymerization of adhesives (HiPAS adhesives), transdermal enhancing systems (HiPAS enhancing system), and transdermal evaluation technologies (TransView) Small, adherent and non-irritating -the three goals will be achieved by CosMED developed patches. Recently, macromolecular TTS, insulin patch, calcitonine patch, especially CosMED Patch Vaccine System has been gotten the excellent progress.
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CosMED is seeking for licensees or collaborators for our patented proprietary technologies below.
CosmED develops the excellent transdermal patch that based on the original adhesive systems, oil gel technology and by using the unique enhancing systems. The biochemical enhancers (Biochemer) are special useful for the macromolecule TTS.
・Example of TTS patch developed
 Felbinac (NSAID)
 Meloxicam (NSAID)
 Lidocaine (local anesthetic)
 Oxybutynin (Incontinence)
 Granisetron (Antiemetic)
 Fentanyl (Anesthetic)
 (CosMED Patch Vaccine)
Nowadays, the worldwide intercommunication of persons, animals, and plants has been rapidly increasing, and the diffusion of pathogens associated with intercommunication becoming a serious threat to the world health. In this situation, the vaccine system is recognized as the sole and fundamental means for the prevention of infectious diseases.
The development of vaccine patch with low cost and simple application way is urgently required for the worldwide use, especially in developing countries because of cost problem and poor medical support systems.
CosMED Patch Vaccine System is based on HiPASenhancing system, to develop a novel transcutaneous immunization (TCI), which is applied to intact skin, aiming at the development of adjuvant free TCI system.

CosMED Patch Vaccine

Antigen Picking up & Migration to Lymphoid
CosMED microneedle made from hyaluronate and collagen for cosmetics is safe and effective. It is excellent transdermal system not only for hyaluronate and collagen, but also for most of pharmaceutical actives. Special recommend for anti-wrinkle, acne, spot.
Microneedle from Compounds of skin constituent
-Safety confirmed-
 Transdermad Delivery of Protein
 Transcutaneous Vaccine
 Cosmetic Skin Care
◎ Microneedle made from hyaluronate
◎ Microneedle dissolves in skin
  after 60-90 min application
◎ Effectively delivers actives into skin
What is different from First-aid and Hydrocolloid Dressing?
☆Good adhesive property to both of wet and dry skin by using hydrophilic acrylic base.
☆Keep moist environment by the base polymer of water absorption-desorption property
☆High cohesion of adhesive even in the wet environment because the base polymer is chemically crosslinked.

Evaluation in Rat Wound Model

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