About CosMED Pharmaceutical

Corporate Philosophy

CosMED Pharmaceutical Co.,   Ltd., contributes to improving QOL of the people through innovation in the medical, health and beauty fields as a research and development company for skin-related technologies based on fundamental research of TTS (transdermal delivery system) .

Core Competencies of CosMED

Establishing a unique TTS solution with three keywords: "drug  ", "skin", and "penetration"

"Based on fundamental research of TTS (transdermal therapeutic system) conducted by Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, we started our business in 2001 as a venture company. The company name was changed to CosMED Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 2006 and commenced research on an alternative to injection of macromolecular components such as influenza vaccine and insulin. With the keywords, “drug”, “skin”, and “penetration,” we have sought ways to ensure that medicine is incorporated into the body effortlessly without pain. "

Development and practical application of next generation TTS-microneedle technology

In 2008, as a new method of DDS (drug delivery system) to release pharmaceutical ingredients into the body, for the first time in the world, we have succeeded in developing and commercializing the “soluble microneedle technology” that enables to release macromolecular active ingredients into the skin easily and safely by simply pasting microneedles made of hyaluronic acid.
We will continue to contribute to innovation that can "solve your problems" in the medical, health and beauty fields by researching and developing "products that enter through the skin" without losing our venture spirit.

Belief of CosMED Pharmaceutical


Always seek out creative ideas

As a research and development company that creates "the world’s first products," we continue to seek out creative ideas. We will discover new business opportunities that can contribute to the environment and society by always working with passion and not forgetting the spirit to challenge.


Always pursue the highest quality

We provide the best products using high quality raw materials, technology and equipment and also offer quality services. In addition to the specification of products, the "Quality" for CosMED Pharmaceutical is also to guarantee "reliability", "safety" and "user-friendliness" to customers.


Always put ourselves in the position of our users

We continue to conduct research and development and always take into consideration the usability of the users without forgetting our primary interest, "The customer is our first priority", and provide products and services that can contribute to people's quality of life without forgetting to contribute to the world.

The Future – Aim of CosMED Pharmaceutical

Contribution to medical treatment with advanced and reliable technology
Our goal is to contribute to medical treatment with TTS technology. At present, we apply our microneedle technology to the development of new drugs such as “Drug Administration Sheet” and “Vaccine Patch” for transdermal absorption of hepatitis C treatment agents and influenza vaccines to induce immunity simply by pasting the sheet/patch.
Bring the world smiles with our "Vaccine Patch"
With the development of patch-type vaccine, which enables self-administration in the absence of doctors and nurses, we believe that it can be expected to be used during pandemics (global outbreaks of infectious diseases) and can help vaccinations in developing countries.
CosMED Pharmaceutical will continue to create new values and provide products and services that can contribute to the quality of life of people around the world.
Contribution to medical treatment with advanced and reliable technology